Weeknotes for week 26, 2023

The week of June 26th.

The weather's turned rainy and cool. I rather enjoy it, especially seeing coworkers on Zoom melting in the Scandinavian heat.

The boiler stays off, but we've closed the windows and brought out the hottie botties.


At work, the Summer Cycle has begun – whoever's not on holiday works on tasks that don't require access to stakeholders. Sweden (where my employer is based) kind of shuts down over summer and I like it.

In my role as a manager, I also did something outside my comfort zone. It went well, and I feel like I've levelled up a little.


I drove to Burnley for some takeaway, listening to Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals (1998) of all things, after hearing a snippet on a podcast. Very nostalgic.

There's something liminal and cosy about reading in a KFC booth as you wait for your food to be ready, but they were disappointingly quick.


I picked up a carpet cleaner at the town tool library. Such a good resource. I've previously brought my bike to their (also free) bike repair drop-in.

We haven't used the carpet cleaner yet but I'm looking forward to it!


We went to IKEA.

After a click-and-collect hiccup, some of the stuff we went there for was not available, but we ended up buying an extremely comfortable armchair (and ottoman) on impulse. It's now in my home office.


I watched the Silo finale. Other than a nailbiting episode 3, Silo wasn't very good. One of those shows you watch for the destination; not the journey. Thankfully it's based on a book series, so I spent 5 minutes reading summaries and now I don't need to watch any more.

I also watched the first three episodes of Black Mirror season 6. Reasonably good, though parts were unconvincing (the episode 1 legalities; the episode 3 ending). I was amused to learn that the cosy American town in episode 3 is Rye, UK, which I've visited.


I enjoyed: