Henrik uses…

Inspired by Wes Bos. It's fun to see what people use.

Last updated April 2021.

Desk setup

I work from a home office overlooking our back garden. Aiming for a kind of mid century modern retro sci-fi explorer's lounge aesthetic. As one does.

  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019), 2.4 GHz 8-Core i9, 32 GB RAM. Don't like the Touch Bar. Don't like the keyboard either.
  • Apple Cinema Display 27-inch. Not retina and needs a complicated set of dongles to fit a modern Mac. Should upgrade, but it looks so nice.
  • Apple Magic Keyboard with Swedish layout, and a Magic Trackpad.
  • Black Autonomous SmartDesk frame with a walnut effect table top. I like that it has height presets.
  • Walnut and brass monitor stand.
  • mStand for the MBP. Sometimes open as a second screen.
  • Walnut and chrome chair. No idea about the model. Cushions are falling apart, but I like the chair.
  • HyperX Gold Cloud Alpha headset. I'm a sucker for black and gold. Works well. Wired; haven't found a wireless headset I like.

On my Mac

  • Vim (since 2010) in tmux in iTerm2 with my dotfiles. Vim uses a dark theme called Blackboard. Currently use the PragmataPro font.
  • Google Chrome. Can't get used to the Safari UI. Separate private and work profiles. Extensions include Empty New Tab Page and WhatFont.
  • Spotify. I prefer how Apple Music handles adding your own files, but otherwise I mostly prefer Spotify.
  • iStat Menus showing memory, CPU, network activity.
  • Backblaze for backups.
  • Apple's Notes. Have tried other notekeeping apps and methods but so far this one has worked best for me.
  • iCloud Drive. Mostly fine, if you keep version-controlled code outside it. (Otherwise it will duplicate files.)
  • The Ring Mac app pops up a floating window when our Ring cameras detect motion and I need to run downstairs to receive a parcel.
  • Mailplane to get my private and work Gmail in a tabbed app. Have a pretty organised Gmail setup using "Multiple Inboxes" and filters.
  • Alfred. Launcher, clipboard history, putting the computer to sleep etc. I've made automations to e.g. launch standard Zoom meetings, send notes to self, and text my partner.
  • Mic Drop for a global mute/unmute shortcut.
  • Divvy for window management.
  • Fantastical to enter calendar events in natural language via a menu bar icon.
  • Vanilla to hide menu bar icons behind a toggle.
  • LICEcap for animated screen captures.
  • Tuple for remote pair programming.
  • ImageOptim to optimise images.
  • Trying to wean myself off expensive Photoshop for Pixelmator Pro (elegant!) or Affinity Photo (ugly but featureful).

On my iPhone

  • Castro for podcasts. The inbox-centric workflow is genius.
  • Spark to quickly move or snooze emails.
  • Captio to send notes to myself. Gmail uses filters to send these to a "Notes" inbox (via "Multiple Inboxes"). Another filter forwards them to my work email if they contain a keyword.
  • Ruler to measure stuff with an on-screen ruler.

TV setup

  • Sony Bravia 55" 4K. Looks smart, works well. HomeKit and AirPlay.
  • Sonos Beam and two Sonos One as surround speakers. Prefer to AirPlay music directly to the Sonos, so the TV can be off.
  • Mac Mini M1, 8 GB RAM. Drives the TV. We tried an Apple TV but the flexibility of a full computer is hard to beat.
  • Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad as a single unit via the Spinido Stand. This is effectively our remote.
  • Alfred binds function keys to power the TV on/off and change volume (via Sony's API), open/close Plex (via AppleScript), and to toggle lights (in HomeKit via HomeControl Menu automation URLs).

    We need to change volume via the TV's API since the Mac volume keys can't control the HDMI ARC volume on a M1. It's a whole thing.

  • We watch a lot of movies and TV shows in Plex, stored locally. Great if you prefer to watch something specific and not just what's streaming.
  • Transmission to download torrents.
  • ViDL (GUI for youtube-dl) to download embedded videos.
  • ExpressVPN for privacy or to access things from the old homeland.
  • The Mac Mini is always on and runs Homebridge to add HomeKit support to our Nest Thermostat, Ring cameras and Sure Petcare cat flap.




I don't drink coffee.