Weeknotes for week 21, 2023

The week of May 22nd.

I flew to Sweden after work on the Monday, for the week.

It's where I'm from and where my employer is based.

It was a whirlwind with late nights and earlier mornings than I'm used to.

Having to actually get out of bed to catch a commuter train is a bit of a drag, but it was a fun change of pace to be in an office with coworkers for a few days. And it's easy to hit my Apple Watch calorie goal when walking to and from the commuter train…


Travelling alone is great. I'm a fast walker and a smoothly rolling suitcase on a hard airport floor invites maximum speed and daring overtakes, which my partner does not enjoy.

I did some coding at the gate for my outbound flight. It's amazing how much you can get done with fewer distractions; I should find ways of achieving that during regular working hours.


I attended the Agila Sverige conference again. It was good as always, and draining as always.

Next year I think I'll do SoCraTes UK for a change of pace.


I'd brought Cat Dancers for the Slack #cats gang at work (because why not).

I had a spare one in my bag and gave it to a fellow conference-goer when I learned she had cats. I love giving unexpected gifts.


I think I'm an elective extrovert – I enjoy being around people and feel more energised than drained, but I'm also very happy on my own or with my partner for weeks on end.

There was a lot of socialising on this trip.

The little team I lead went karting and had dinner together.

I partook in after-work shuffleboard in a dimly lit dive bar.

I went on a walk with an old friend and then had pizza by her pool. We went charity shop crawling and I spooked a cookbook-reading employee by suggesting the very dish it turned out she'd planned on making that evening.

I thought I'd missed my chance to meet one far-flung friend, but then realised I could drop by on my way back from a further-flung friend, so I did.


I enjoyed this video:

And this Wikipedia rabbit hole: