Weeknotes for week 13, 2023

The week of March 27th.

It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday. I can see green hills and blue skies out the window.

I'm watching the Formula 1 race (not live) but will have to head out after.


It's been a jigsaw puzzle week.

We got the 2000 piece "Garden of Earthly Delights" puzzle from Educa and it's fantastic. Lots of great details. Best one so far.

I thought the enlarged crops at the top and bottom (that help it fit their standard size) would be annoying, but they just add interest.

We've been spending a few hours every evening on it. It really pulls you in – the next little win is always within reach.

The soundtrack this time has mostly been Hildegard von Bingen. And Roy Orbison, and Kjell Höglund's beautiful "Genesarets sjö".


Haven't watched a lot of TV or movies this week what with the jigsaw puzzling.

We did see Speed (1994). Great action; rather stilted dialogue (which was apparently written by Joss Whedon). Didn't think Dennis Hopper's villain was compelling. It reminded me of Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) where Jeremy Irons played a much better villain.


It was the last week of cooldown at work. Had 1-on-1s with my team. Getting the hang of those.

Booked a work trip back to my native Sweden. I've learned one week is my limit – it's nice to meet family, friends and coworkers, but I miss life back here.


I had a nightmare where I was in a personal meeting on my computer and then a coworker spoke up and said I was also in a work meeting, unmuted.

It's like that classic "school without trousers" dream but for the modern age.


Inspired by Jose Munoz's site, I updated my /uses page, including some images. More to come, probably.


Some things I enjoyed: