Weeknotes for week 11, 2023

The week of March 13th.

I'm at my most content when a novel has its hooks in me.

This week I finished Artifact Space by Miles Cameron. Really enjoyed it!

It's space opera with good stuff like mysterious alien ruins and merchant navy life among the stars.

I especially appreciated how the main space ship has wood panelling, acanthus-leaf etchings, paintings of old captains and so on – a far cry from Star Trek minimalism.


We spent a night in our own guest room, just because we can.

There's something magical about a really cosy guest room, and making one has been one of my goals.


I watched the last of "The Last of Us". It was rather good, but I didn't love it.

Speaking of Pedro Pascal leading children through danger, we watched "The Mandalorian" S03E02 and it was one of the most boring, least inspired things I've seen in a long time. Hope it picks back up.

We rewatched The Net (1995). Not amazing, but pretty entertaining. I expected it to feel more outdated than it did.


I was very glad to watch a video of someone even more picky about their desk cable situation than I am.


I got an unexpected and strangely coincidental windfall.

When selling my old display, I found the contract for our old flat in the packaging. We moved out 6 years ago.

A few days later – this week – I got an automatic email from the UK Deposit Protection Service about getting the deposit back for that flat – a decent amount of money.

I very carefully provided some non-sensitive details, thinking it might be a high-quality phishing attempt, but the money landed in my account a few days later.

I suppose we forgot about the deposit in the hustle and bustle of buying a house and moving, and finding the contract somehow pinged the agent through the ether.