Weeknotes for week 12, 2023

The week of March 20th.

At work, my team tried "Everyone on support" – the devs plan on spending about a day per cooldown in support. Both because the end users contacting support are affected by our work, and because we support the support team, so we need to understand their situation.

It was hard, fun and educational. It confirmed suspicions we'd had about a problematic bit of UX.


We watched Under Siege (1992). Had its moments but not great. Steven Seagal has a strange vibe.

The Pelican Brief (1993) was rather good. One of those movies where the quality of the main actors definitely elevate it. I think I arbitrarily picked this as My Favourite Movie at some point as a kid, but I'm pretty sure I only saw it once. (Now twice.)

Dante's Peak (1997) had a beautiful setting (Wallace, Idaho) and great set pieces. Think it could have been strung together better, especially towards the end. Pierce Brosnan in short-sleeved Alan Grant shirts made me long for summer.

Kindergarten Cop (1990) was enjoyable. Again in a lovely setting (Astoria, Oregon). It felt unusual that they acknowledged Arnold's accent in-world.

It's a pretty recent development for me to watch movies regularly. I just haven't been in the habit before. I think it helps that we now have a pretty nice surround sound setup. Makes it more of a quality experience.


I started reading Clutter: An Untidy History by Jennifer Howard.

Strangely compelling so far. Good writing does that.


On the Sunday, we decided on a whim to drive to Malham Cove. Haven't been before.

About an hour away through the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Many narrow roads where passing takes some coordination. There's a lot of that around there and I've gone from feeling nervous about it to kind of enjoying it. It's friendly and collaborative.


I stumbled over Persephone Manor on Reddit, and it made me really happy.

I think because we too theme the rooms of our house pretty heavily; and I too love going over the top with home tech; and I too love making detailed inventories.

I would not make a page or a home like this, but I can totally see why one would.